Mental Health Nursing Salary

how much mental health nursing salary

Psychiatric nurses play a critical role in helping those with mental health issues. Their work is challenging and rewarding, but also highly complex.

They provide care and support to a wide range of patients, some of whom struggle with addiction. As a result, they are in high demand.

New York Presbyterian Hospital

New York Presbyterian Hospital is a large, public hospital located in New York City. Founded in 1849, it has over 21,020 employees and earns $5.5 billion annually.

It is the only public hospital in New York to offer a full-time graduate-level nursing program. The PMHNP program prepares nurses to care for patients with psychiatric disorders and behavioral health problems.

Nurses who work in this specialization earn an average of $124,760 per year. They can also earn a master’s degree in nursing or a doctorate.

Those who graduate from the PMHNP program are expected to work as a nurse practitioner in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, outpatient treatment centers and long-term care facilities. They can specialize in psychiatric mental health, geriatric psychiatry, addictions or family practice.

A day in the life of a staff nurse at New York Presbyterian is hard work, but it can be rewarding. Veronica Pasha, an RN at NYPH who has been working at the hospital for eight years, said that her job is not easy but she does it because she loves helping people.

NBC New York reports that the union is negotiating with New York-Presbyterian to avoid a strike. However, if the hospitals and the union cannot reach an agreement, the nurses will be able to vote for a strike.

Yale School of Nursing

In the United States, there are 150 million people living in communities that face a mental health professional shortage. This means that many Americans are facing serious mental illness or needing help managing their anxiety and depression.

In order to respond to the demand for psychiatric nurse practitioners, Yale School of Nursing offers an online master’s degree in nursing that prepares you to care for individuals with complex psychiatric needs. You will take courses that cover both psychiatric and nursing knowledge.

The program focuses on the application of classic theories, research evidence, and a holistic bio-psycho-social-spiritual-cultural approach to clinical management of patients across the lifespan. You’ll learn to provide care through a wide range of settings, from hospitals to community clinics and private practices.

Upon completion of your training, you can expect to earn an average mental health nursing salary of $126,390 per year. This is an excellent start for a new nurse, and it will increase with experience.

In addition to offering a great mental health nursing salary, Yale School of Nursing has one of the best psychiatric nurse practitioner programs in the country. Its hospital, Yale New Haven, is ranked 9th nationally for psychiatry, so PMHNs have the opportunity to work with some of the most top-notch Psychiatric teams in the country.

New Hampshire

Mental health nurses care for patients experiencing mental and behavioral disorders, including drug and alcohol abuse. They work in hospitals and health systems, clinics, independent psychiatric and psychological practices, and government settings such as military bases and jails.

Depending on the type of role and workplace setting, a mental health nurse may earn a salary of around $62,902 to $109,427 per year. A senior psychiatric nurse with experience can also earn higher salaries.

The amount a nurse earns is influenced by the law of supply and demand. States that have a shortage of mental health professionals and those that do not have enough qualified psychiatric nurses to fill their vacancies are typically more likely to offer a high salary as a way to attract professionals.

A psychiatric nurse with experience can increase their earnings by taking on a leadership role. This could include becoming a nurse manager or charge nurse in an inpatient unit.

In addition, nurses who pursue certifications, such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Certification (PMH-BC), can also improve their income. This is because certification indicates that a nurse has demonstrated an advanced level of knowledge and experience.

The state of New Hampshire has recently made a significant commitment to its nursing workforce, with Governor Chris Sununu announcing a $24 million investment into the RN education system. This is part of a broader plan to address the nursing shortage in the state, which has been on the rise.